Sunday, November 04, 2007

New version approaching, translators needed

Some months after 0.8, a new release is scheduled for November 18. About half of the improvements and fixes that were planned will have to be shifted to another release. Lately, the developers' professional and private lives have been taking all of the former usual spare time because of its higher priorities. Nevertheless, this version brings some cool enhancements.
Of those, I'd like to mention the absolutely extraordinary work of the new developer Wolf Lammen, who has integrated a new, faster, more accurate and stable math core into SpeedCrunch. The usual new functions and a stay always-on-top window feature are also some of the news.
So it is now time for the call for translators. The current version is available in 16 languages. For this release, I'd like to extend this number. So if you want to contribute to this project with a new or updated translation, you're very welcome to do so. Please drop a comment on this article or on our Google Groups forum. You just need to know how to use Trolltech's Qt Linguist 4.
Here's the up-to-date list of languages already being taken care of by someone:
de | es_AR | fi | fr | he | id | it | nl | pt | pt_BR | ru | sv

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