Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Would anyone like to contribute?

I'm looking for translators. Have you ever wanted to contribute to FOSS and never knew how or never had the chance? You're welcome to help translating SpeedCrunch (both the application and the website) to your native language. Please drop a comment or join the mailing-list if you're up to it.

Achieved translations for this release:
  • Argentinian Spanish by Lucas Sallovitz
  • Brazilian Portuguese by Fábio Margarido
  • Czech by Blond'ák
  • Dutch by Maarten Fonville
  • Finnish by J-P Nurmi
  • French by Grégory Treiber
  • German by Marco Wegner
  • Hebrew by Jonathan Avraham
  • Italian by Alessio Sclocco
  • Norwegian by Thomas Finneid
  • Portuguese by Helder Correia
  • Romanian by Eugeniu Plamadeala
  • Russian by Irek Khasyanov
  • Spanish by F Chris Carrera
  • Swedish by Johan Thelin
  • Thank you so much to all mentioned above.


    Maarten Fonville said...


    I could do the Dutch translation if you want to.
    please contact me at maarten dot fonville at gmail dot com

    quard said...

    What about Russian traslation? quard8 at gmail dot com

    Margot said...

    If you're interested, I can work on the brazilian portuguese translation. Drop me a note on fabiomargarido at gmail dot com

    Jonathan said...


    I'm willing to help with the Hebrew translation - you can contact me on shambler dot com at gmail dot com.

    Lucas said...

    I can do es_AR, mail me at at gmail dottt comm

    Alessio said...

    Hello, i can make italian translation if you want :)

    Helder Correia said...

    Hi, Alessio!

    Thank you, I would appreciate it very much, can you please leave me your contact like all the others? :)

    Alessio said...

    Oh yeah, sorry :)

    Bartosz said...

    I can make polish translation. ;]
    drop a mail at if you're interested..

    Cetin Sert said...

    I could do the Turkish translation.