Thursday, November 05, 2009

SpeedCrunch 0.11-alpha released

It's long long due, but I finally got a small amount of available time to release this test version. If the term alpha does not ring a bell for you, please be aware that it might contain numerous bugs.

Although it should function quite well for the majority of users, the goal of this release is precisely to give people a new version to play with and report back the issues encountered during usage.

You can give us feedback through our mailing list, but if you are sure about the existence of a bug, please fill it on our bug tracker.

I apologize for the lack of a proper and up-to-date change log, but you can check most of the changes here. And these are the issues still to solve and targeted at final 0.11.

For the many people who requested business-oriented built-in functions, sorry for not having worked on it yet. I haven't forgotten about it though. Will try to include them for the final 0.11, but can't promise. Also, there are some old requests still not implemented in this version, so if your particular wish matches that case, I'm sorry for that.

Like usually, contributors of any kind are more than welcome to help this project (developers, translators, testers, etc). Please feel free to participate in our mailing list or contact me directly.

Special thanks to Alessandro, Andreas, Ariya and Wolf, who help me in keeping this project alive despite the slow progress in the past year.

Only the links are missing:
  • Installer for Microsoft Windows
  • Portable Edition for Microsoft Windows
  • Apple Mac OS X Universal application
  • Source code tarball

  • I hope that the new features, user interface tuning and new translations please you, as well as the bugs fixed. If not, please let us know your thoughts.

    Happy crunching!