Tuesday, June 03, 2008

SpeedCrunch 0.10.1 released

It took much longer than it should and than we all wished, but finally here it is. SpeedCrunch 0.10.1 is a maintenance release that aims to fix a couple of annoying bugs present in 0.10, as well as introduce new translations and polish things even more.

So finally the virtual keypad "=" button works again, the previous and next math book navigation buttons have been fixed for the Hebrew version (for those who don't know, the left arrow means "forward" instead of "back" in right-to-left written languages), and the unmask function does not crash anymore.

Since I'm a language and translation lover, I'm very glad to announce the availability of Simplified Chinese, Basque and Catalan translations. Best thing since the Hebrew translation :)

For the geeks, a detailed changelog is available, as well as the list of closed issues in our task tracker.

I kept the cherry for the end: a big thank you to Alessandro Portale for providing the first Apple Mac OS X universal package since version 0.7, and Christian Ehrlicher for providing faster and smaller Microsoft Windows packages.

Go get it! (and before you ask, the new screenshots were created by Ariya's new pet project)