Sunday, July 29, 2007

A nice review

Ariya found this interesting review (in Spanish). I've translated it to English so most of you can understand it (may not be a perfect translation though, since I'm native portuguese and not spanish):

"Although any operating system comes with a calculator, its characteristics go no further beyond common calculations. If we need more precise results or execute calculations with certain complexity, we shall consider SpeedCrunch as a magnificent tool. It's a calculator program with some very interesting features like scrolling display, up to 50 decimal digits precision, unlimited variable storage, intelligent automatic completion or additional math functions. Using it is very pleasant since we can customize the look, and we can deal with big expressions with no problem because of the syntax highlighting and parenthesis matching. It's an option to consider when traditional solutions are not enough and we don't want to use other GNU/Linux complex calculation tools."


john said...

I mentioned this program to a friend at work a couple months ago. I told him I found the closest calc app to what I wanted.

When I saw the 0.8 release also had a windows installer, I showed it to him (we're stuck with windows at work).

I explained a few of the features I knew of, and he played with it for a few minutes.

He then declared "This is the best Monday EVER!".

I cannot think of higher praise.


Helder Correia said...

And thank you for the best comment on SpeedCrunch ever :)

Takmadeus said...

Wow! this little app has made my investigation... well, it is just like saying that I went from hell to heaven.... you have saved me hours and hours of long and boring statistical calculations, thank you, you are the best! I cannot wait until the next release ;)

Keep up the great work!

Helder Correia said...

takmadeus, Thank you very much for your nice comment. I wonder... have you intensively used the new statistics/probability functions introduced in version 0.8?