Sunday, June 24, 2007

Greatest Common Divisor

Although quite simple, this is one of my favourite new features for 0.8. One will now be able to calculate the greatest common divisor of an unlimited amount of numbers. This way, we can now write

gcd( 675; 633312; -57618; 243 )

This is particularly useful if you are adding fractions by hand and they all have different denominators, but has certainly a whole bunch of other applications.

Probability theory

After combinatorics, SpeedCrunch has just been enhanced with its first probability support. This was indeed my favourite mathematics subject when I was a student, so I decided to implement some discrete distributions. So for now we've got three available: Binomial, Hypergeometric and Poisson.

Available for each distribution are functions for probability mass, cumulative distribution, mean and variance. If you usually need some others or find them useful even if you don't use them, please tell us.

I've got many more further plans on these topics for the next SpeedCrunch releases, but I'll leave it like this for 0.8. There are still some open higher priority issues and not much time left to 0.8alpha, so let's focus on bug fixing.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Engineering notation

We developers have been talking about an engineering notation mode in SpeedCrunch for some time. I finally took the time and mood to implement it. Next version will make some people's life a bit easier, I guess. Like most scientific calculators, now we have the following behaviour when in engineering notation mode:


Unlike scientific notation, already supported by the application for some time, the result will always be set so the exponent is a multiple of 3 and the number of integer digits are up to 3. Further support for engineering and inverse engineering functions and buttons will probably be added, so to make the following possible:


Maybe we can even add the option to show SI prefixes instead of exponents:

930.60485910209959894122 mili
930604.85910209959894122 micro
930604859.10209959894122 nano

Now if I only had SpeedCrunch when I had to study electronics, physics and chemistry...

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Review on FOSSwrite

FOSSwire recently did a short review for SpeedCrunch:

...It is jam-packed full of features and advanced stuff which may come in handy if you’re cracking any big numbers on your desktop...

Read the complete review.