Thursday, May 24, 2007

How to request a feature

So, you really really like SpeedCrunch but in order to really "leave" the other calculator, you need a feature or two. For example, say you need to have hexadecimal and binary support. Then, perhaps you want to request a feature to be implemented in the next version. How to do this effectively?

First of all, make sure you use the latest version of SpeedCrunch. This is important because SpeedCrunch is constantly improved and often features requested by our users have made it into the release quite fast. You can get the version by choosing menu Help, About. You can compare it against what is shown in the download page (of the website).

Now go to issue list, click on New Issue. Enter a short summary (this is very important!) and type in the description of the feature that you'd like to have. Because this is going to be a feature, not a defect, you should change the label "Type:Defect". Just click on it and choose "Type:Enhancement" from the pop-up menu. Review again your description and if everything is fine, click the Submit button. Your feature request should appear on the issue list now.

It is equally important to search first for existing issues before requesting a feature. Perhaps it is already filed by someone, so you wouldn't want to duplicate. You can always add your own comment to someone's else feature request, perhaps to add your own opinion about it. To search for issue is very simple. From the issue list, enter keyword in the search box and click Search button. You may also want to change Open Issues to All Issues to be able to search resolved issues, in case your feature is already implemented. For example, don't ask for hex and binary support anymore because work on this has been started, as evidenced from issue #13.

And, we're waiting! Your wish is our command....

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dany0016 said...


I posted a new whish (complex numbers) but somehow I was unable to set the flag from Defect to Enhancment. So, if a admin can change it, it would be nice.

And, btw: SpeedCrunch rocks! :)