Thursday, July 26, 2007

SpeedCrunch 0.9 release plan

First of all, I'd like to say that a maintenance 0.8.1 release might be considered if some critical bugs are found meanwhile. And now...0.9.

We've already got a lot of improvements and bug fixes in mind, so let's define the goals and deadlines for the next major 0.9 release codenamed Nona (spelled Noh-na and meaning ninth in Portuguese :)

I learned a lot from 0.8's process, since it was my very first FOSS release. Many mistakes were made and I hope to fix them for Nona. Also, SpeedCrunch has lately won a great number of contributors (enhancement proposals, testing, bug fixing, translations). And so I had a lot of trouble coordinating everybody, accomplishing deadlines and managing bug reports and patches.

For the upcoming release, I'd love to increase the number of active contributors. Maybe Johan can come back to active development now that he's finished his book on Qt 4. Maybe Wolf can help in other fields other than his very promising new math engine. Maybe someone else new can come and help in order to achieve an even bigger boost. And of course I guess we can always count on our old daddy (guess who) to help us from time to time when he's resting from KOffice and his PhD :)

So here's the plan, based on my recent experience. And it's really meant to be respected, else I'll end up e.g. fixing translations by hand over and over til the very last moment before the release, just like it happened this time. Goals and achievement dates are:


Anonymous said...

I'm looking for a light-weight and easy calculator. Which desktop libraries uses SpeedCrunch (wx, GTK, Qt,..)?

Helder Correia said...

Hi. Qt (minimum version 4.2) is the only dependency.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to use this for bookkeeping, but I would prefer a vertical column (like paper tape) for adding numbers rather than the horizontal.

Helder Correia said...

Anonymous: I'm not sure if I fully understood your idea, but it seems to me that a spreadsheet application is a better tool for you.